Breakin’ out, about to shout,
Feel the need for one more round,
Don’t you struggle, don’t try to bite,
You want some trouble, I’m the king of vice,
I’m a wreckin’ ball, I’m a stingin’ knife,
Steal your money, gonna take your life,
You got screamin’ murder, lock up your door,
Double dealin’ gotta have more,
Call me dirty, trash my name,
Just tell my boys that I’m gonna be…

Back In Business is a new film starring Chris Barrie, and it’s shooting NOW. According to this BBC article, “the conmen pair up for a final heist involving a moon buggy before they head off to retire in Marbella”. There’s some more info lurking somewhere in New Light Films’s fucking monstrosity of a website.

Here’s the IMDB page. Also featuring in the film is Martin Kemp. This much is true. Plus: Dennis Waterman. He could be so good for it. And, Brian Blessed. Brian’s alive?! Plus, Captain Peacock out of Are You Being Served, who, as far as I know, has never had a pop career.

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