Czerwony Karzel

Don’t worry, I won’t dare do this again. But, having spent some time digging around on, I’ve found some very interesting stuff in the Multimedia section:

  • BBC Prime S4 ad – A nicely done piece, actually. (For those of you who haven’t heard of it – BBC Prime is the BBC’s worldwide entertainment channel.)
  • BBC Prime S6-8 Ad – I can see some people finding this one annoying, but I love it. Very cleverly done, and it actually shows a knowledge of the development of the series.
  • Holoship, dubbed – the first elevator scene from Holoship, dubbed into what I presume is Czechlovakian. Fun, although it’s a pity it’s all done with one male voice. A female Czech Nirvana Crane would probably do things to my willy, I suspect.
  • Munchkin Song, dubbed – THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD EVER.

Hmmm. Three hours until work. I should really be in bed rather than doing things like this, shouldn’t I?


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  1. And once again you miss the opportunity for the headline Double Czech And Mate, Sucka!

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