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  • To be fair, Who did Cat People back in 1989. And they looked more like Cats than Danny John Jules did.

    I wonder, actually, if these are going to be the same race, or something different? And I wonder… could that mean the return of the Master?

    (see! see! I’ve started the “The Master MUST be in this series” rumours ALREADY!)

  • David Tennant really does look like the Doctor in those new publicity shots. I like the costume. Kind of a mash of some previous Doctors (McCoy, Davison, Tom Baker) and a complete contrast to Christopher Eccleston’s.

    The Cybermen are gonna rule (hopefully redesigned) but I want some DECENT new villains/monsters in this series, i.e. something better than the Slitheen, who were basically Teletubbies. As for the Master…I don’t know, I think I’d prefer to wait longer.

  • Oh, I very much doubt the Master will show up. Russell T Davies is no fool. Daleks first series, Cybermen second series… third series for the Master, perhaps?

    The only chance we’ll have of a sniff at the Master is if they begin to delve into the history of the Time Lords. But RTD doesn’t want to bog it down in too much continuity, and quite rightly so.

    But yeah, my comment about the Master was more poking fun at the fact that right throughout the series we had to put up with fannish “The Master is OBVIOUSLY in it” comments all the bleeding time, right the way up until the last episode. Yeah, sure, guys – the Daleks survived through the Master *rolls eyes*

    Anyway, yeah. Agree with you about the costume, it’s fantastic, and best of all just looks so very Doctorish. Can’t it be Christmas now?

  • Aha! But what if the Master WAS in the first series…in the form of Captain Jack?? There is something strange about Jack (I’m not talking about his ‘both ways’ tendancies…). 2 years of his memory was wiped. But what if that’s a lie. Anyway, some people would believe that the Master was the wheelie bin in ‘Rose’.

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