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There’s an advert running pretty much continuously on UKTV Gold at the moment. It’s for a competition they’re running in which you can win props from various comedy series, including an actual Kryten head. I tried to find details of the compo on their website, but to no avail.The advert itself is fairly amusing. It’s a Crimewatch spoof, in which the presenters advise us to be on the look-out for counterfit props being sold on the streets. In one bit, someone produces a big metal bin with a face drawn on it, and claims it was sold “as the head of Kryten from Red Dwarf“. Ho!

As I say, it’s on in pretty much every ad break, so I’m sure someone with the relevant technology could rip it for us…

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  1. I’ve seen this tonight. I haven’t got capturing facilities unfortunately, but as you say, it’s quite amusing.

    UK Gold do some really good pres when they bother.

  2. I don’t have UKTV Gold. How do you enter the competition?

  3. You have to guess how much an item is worth to win it. It starts this coming monday so hopefully there will be something on the website by then.

    And how can you *not* have UK Gold?

  4. If you only have terrestrial or Freeview.

  5. >If you only have terrestrial or Freeview.

    Well, yes.

  6. >And how can you *not* have UK Gold?

    I do wish I still had it, even though I remember the ad breaks being annoyingly long and at stupid points during programmes, and even scenes being cut very slightly short. Does that still happen?

  7. I imagine Freeview will get UK Gold at some point, when more people have it, so they can make money purely from the ad breaks.

    Or “UKTV Gold”, as it’s now known, of course.

  8. Notice how the Kryten head appears to be the pre-explosion one so recently commented upon on this very site?

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