In the original broadcast of Beyond A Joke, when Kryten’s head explodes, there’s a very obvious bit where the head has been replaced by a fake one to blow up. It’s so obvious, people even commented about how bad it was next day at my school.But guess what? On the Sick featurette on the VI disc, they’ve snipped that bit out of the shot – so you don’t get to see the fake head!

Makes you wonder why they didn’t do it like that back in 1997…

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  • I don’t mind the obviously fake exploding head…it actually makes me laugh. As does Cat’s reaction (believe it or not). I don’t think it would be as funny if it were more “realistic,” though maybe I should check out the featurette to make sure.

  • Oh, this raises an interesting question now…in the music featurettes, which clips were altered? We now know about this one with Kryten’s exploding head…the obvious alteration in the “Lurve” featurette is Rimmer aboard the holoship getting undressed rather than dressed…anything else?

  • I still don’t know whether I find his head exploding funny or not. Maybe the fact that I can’t decide means that it blatantly isn’t. Anyway, I prefer it with the fake head because it somehow makes it more Dwarf. I’m not saying that crappy/obvious effects = Dwarf, that’s a whole ‘nother discussion…

  • I don’t know, though, I always wondered if the fake head was deliberate, to signify that in the moment his head exploded he’d gone to a completely locked-up state.

    A mechanoid equivalent of the Blue Screen Of Death, if you like…

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