Yes, folks, three articles in a week. You jammy goits. This one comes from a lovely chap called Will Burns, who e-mailed us out of the blue to ask if we’d be interested in publishing some stuff he was writing. Of course, we agreed – we’re lazy bastards, and having other people write articles for our site make us look good.

Will’s article is called The Myth of Red Dwarf 1. Hopefully, it’s not the last we’ll hear from him. Incidentally, by sheer coincidence, Will’s genre-themed piece serves as a nice teaser for an article of mine, which should be published this weekend…

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  • Decent article. I agree that much of Dwarf’s science is fantastical, but it’s usually taking real science much further than could be possible in reality. Straightaway in The End we get the concept of holograms that are exactly the same as a human in every way but composed of light, and stasis where someone can be in suspended animation for millions of years. Whether these concepts are as far-fetched as a psy-moon, I don’t know…

    And yes, series 1 is great. I reckon Me2 is up there with the best.

  • “Thank God for DVDs, eh? I’ve never seen screengrabs look so good.”

    Very grey though.

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