So, the Stuff section launches, with… the Diary. Not much on it at the moment, but unlike a year or so ago, there’s not much planned that’s been publically announced yet. On the other hand, anything that might stop a few idiots asking WHEN TEH NEXT DWARF DVDS OUT I WANT THEHM TAKEING AAGES NEED WDARD, despite the release schedule of the last “cunting” six being pretty close to clockwork, will be handy. Let us know if we’ve missed something; we almost certainly have.And yes, the Diary used to be part of G&T. But it kept getting out-of-date, so hopefully with more of us running this site, it might actually get updated for a change. And don’t worry – after DJ, G&T will be bouncing back with lots of brand new articles. In fact, that might even happen during DJ…

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  • I’ll never get over that release delay for ‘Fat’. He probably hasn’t even written it yet.

  • Looks nice, useful resource for when Dwarf stuff is coming out (although I know about the DVDs anyway, and there’s only two left unless I’ve missed something). You might want to add a line at the top saying that release dates are provisional but othe than that good work.

  • Help:
    Just a quickie, can anyone point me in the right direction of a complete list of Dwarf books?..
    I’m sure Whithole used to have a list, but I can’t find it. Thanks.

  • Thanks John, That’s the one..I still seem to be missing
    a few, although Cappsy’s list seems to miss a couple off as well.

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