I’ve got work at 7 in the morning, you know. I don’t think doing this article now is wise. Ah well.

So, apart from Sting and/or the Live8 organisers being (a) complete and utter cunt(s), what else is going on? Well, the Arcade section of TOS is now back up and running (although the old mobile logos are still nowhere to be found), after the original site was taken over by a purveyor of what can only be called questionable content. I was personally hoping for a relaunch that would involve Craig Charles pretending to suck me off, but we can’t have everything.

You can now get the game “simply by sending a text message” – it’s only £3, so what’s to lose? Apart from £3, obviously. Ian got a new phone recently, so we might even have a review at some point. We’re also promised new stuff soon from game producers Mforma and designers Bluebeck – you may remember that we were originally promised such delights as Midget Blues, Rogue Skutters, GELF Space, 6000 and Falling, Moon Rescue, and Grav-Pool, so here’s hoping.

The other news is confirmation of something I was wondering the other day – Dimension Jump XII will feature a preview of the VII DVD documentary – the section on Blue, to be precise, which is one of the least worst eps of VII, stupid salad-cream-women-are-so-different!!!!!!!11111 malarky aside. “Oh – sorry! I was reading the baked potato timer by mistake! Will people not leave that in here? It just makes us look like we don’t know what the hell we’re doing!” I’m particularly interested in the bit about Black Friday/Wednesday/Monday. And, of course, TEH RUSHEHES.

So, there we go. And four hours before I have to leave for work. The things I do for you lot, even if they are just hastily typed official site summaries. You bastards. Fuck off.

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