9 Responses to John’s Quickround – 2/07/05

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  1. Bloody hell! Never in a million years did I think Live 8 would have a Dwarf connection.

  2. Is there a specific quarter pass four reason or should we be watching on Beeb 2 at 1pm?

  3. Whoops. Didn’t see it was on then. Ta Karl – changed it.

    *That’ll* teach me to rush news items up. I’ll have more time to spend on the site after DJ…

  4. “8PM, according to Cappsy…”

    If that’s wrong then it’s Sting’s fault for LYING.

  5. And now apparently it’s all running about an hour a half behind so it’s anyone’s guess when he’ll be on.

  6. He’s a cunt, yes a fucking cunt, what a fucking cunt he is.

    Cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, what a fucking cunt he is.

  7. Are you saying hes a fucking cunt Seb?

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