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  • You know your Flibble will always be better than any shoddy replica, though. After all, it’s one of only two Flibbles that will ever have appeared on a Dwarf DVD! ;-)

    Sorry, though, but how crap does that “film cells” idea look? How can you sell things as “genuine film cells” when they’re reproductions of photos taken on-set? Makes me highly suspicious that any other cells that that company puts out are in any way genuine…

  • So what is a ‘genuine’ film cell? It’s taken from a print of the film – of which there are thousands made, shipped to cinemas and eventually dumped for recycling…or flogged off in snippets like this. It’s not like you’re getting a piece of the negative.

    The film cells will be 35mm (I suppose), as was shot on the set. But, as with movie film, Mike Vaughn’s stills camera would only have produced a negative, so positives then get made. Dunno how this differs, really.

    (Interesting side note: when you watch grand old movie on TV and they jump frames ahead, it’s because projectionists used to give a frame of film away to kids in cinemas as a keepsake of the movie. Those prints eventually got returned and redistributed – or, indeed, copied because the original negatives were lost. So keen fandom damaged some great old movies. Funny how it all comes around. *shrugs*)

  • I just think it’s a bit of a jip that they’re being sold as film cells – the heavy inclination being that they’re actual frames from the episodes – when they’re actually stills taken onset. Unless I’ve misread the piece, and they are stills grabbed from the episode. But looking at the picture in the article, it seems that people will basically be paying to have a framed copy of a bunch of pictures that, if they wanted, they could do themselves, because more than one of the pictures there seem like ones that are in fairly wide circulation, and even available on TOS…

    I mean, any news of new Dwarf merchandise is always to be encouraged, because it’s good that a series that (to all intents and purposes) ended six years ago can still have enough of a market for this sort of stuff. But I’ve always been very suspicious of the whole “film cells” idea – you see them in Virgin Megastores and the like these days, and essentially people are just paying over the odds for glorified publicity stills – and this seems to sum up the various misgivings I have over it.

  • Well, they’ve not been a product I’ve bought to date – for any franchise. Not my thing. But there is a market for ’em I guess. I don’t play roleplaying games either, but there’s a market and it’s worth exploring. Especially as the end result of that exploration was pretty damn good.

    They’re not exactly being sold as ‘film cells’ – there’s been exactly one internet reference so far, and that made a point of explaining. Hard to be tough on how they’re sold before they’re actually being sold. There’s no lie or mislead so far, is there? It’s right there on the site.

    Stills grabbed from the episodes would be less reasonable, anyway, surely? These images WERE shot on film, the series wasn’t – and anyone can grab from a DVD. (Though I suppose we could put a sliver of digi-beta rushes tape in a frame…John might salivate a little over that one.) At least these can be culled from existing negative, and so produced as per the genuine production process.

    As to making them at home – can people generally print to 35mm transparency? (The small images in the site example will be transparent.) And sure, the pictures are around – it’s a Series V-themed product (more sets to be revealed later), where all of about 12 photos exist. (Slight exaggeration.) ‘Rare’ Dwarf stills tend to also be ‘crap’, there being a reason they’ve not been seen. (And most of them ended up in the DVD gallery anyway!)

    But, again, I don’t see how this is any different from any movie – grab a still, print it to tranny, frame it. I understand the product being not to your taste, but I don’t get why it’s a bad thing for Dwarf and not for anyone else. Within it’s genre of product, I thought it was a decent set.

    The bobbleheads are what interest me, though…

  • Fair points all. As you say, I think it’s more a general distaste for that sort of product, than anything else. Given that there are a million and one fantastic things I’d love to see people take out the Dwarf license to make, I suppose the “Yay, new merchandise!” buzz is tempered by an “Ah, but none of it’s stuff I’d really want to rush out and buy” comedown (compare this with last year when there were Starbug playsets and Corgi models to salivate over – personal taste there meant that I couldn’t wait to get the buggers on my desk).

    Bobbleheads are a good start, though. ;-) Such a product was seemingly invented for a Kryten…

  • Yeah, I’m definitely excited about Mr Flibble, as he bridges the gap between two of my greatest pleasures: penguins and Dwarf.

    Also, a Rimmer bobblehead is definitely going on my dashboard, provided he looks decent. And isn’t in his Captain Emerald outfit.

  • The current big news is that proper polka-dot ribbon has now been found to make a new bow-tie for *my* Mr Flibble. It’s nice to know that my parents have been looking all this time :)

  • Yes, but it looks fine on the film. It’s in real life that he needs to look good.

    He also needs major surgery, as the top of his beak isn’t attached to his head any more.

    This is, I’m told, a disadvantage of him not being machine sewed, because it’s very hard to get the pattern perfect on a one off.

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