Mr. Goodall

I’m sure most of you know this, but I’ve only just been reminded of this page of Howard’s site. The whole page is interesting, but scroll down for the MP3s at the bottom – to keep you going until the VII DVD is released. Much as I’m not keen on VII, Howard’s music for it is bloody brilliant – some of his finest work for the series.Here’s a query though. On this page (which, incidentally, gives details of all the musicians who played on the Dwarf theme) – what is this:



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  1. It’s the side of the Re-Mastered video boxset. You SPAZZ.

  2. I’m quite proud of not knowing that, then.

  3. Is there anywhere to get a list of all the stock music used in Series 7?

    I always get excited when I hear familiar music on another show or ad before having that moment of realisation that they haven’t used Red Dwarf music but just the same piece.

  4. The death of Ace Rimmer music is quality. It’s a shame the CG for that sequence is some of the worst ever anywhere ever on anything. Oh for a completely re-mastered VII.

  5. Bloody hell, people actually want remastered series now!

  6. I’ve always said the only series it would ever be worth doing to was VII…

  7. Sorry to be a pain but is there any way to get rid of that triple post up there?

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