Don’t worry – I’ll set that general media site up next week, for all these sorts of ramblings. But I just have to link to this Remembrance Of The Daleks review, which starts with the following assertation:

“Sylvester McCoy stars as the seventh and final Dr Who in this 1988 production. This production was a major event for fans of the programme as it marked the first appearance of the Daleks since the 1970’s.”

Erm, apart from Resurrection of the Daleks, of course. And, erm, Revelation of the Daleks – only three years earlier. Look, I don’t mind people getting obscure facts wrong so much. I can even put up with not-quite-so obscure facts being wrong. But please – if you’re going to write a review of something, is there any chance you could at least check the basic facts if you’re going to make assertations like that? All it takes is a quick look on any Who site on the net…

Anyway, after such a stupid mistake in the second sentence, I won’t bother with the rest of the review, I think. I’ll go and read something worth reading.

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  • “Sylvester McCoy stars as the seventh and final Dr Who”

    They could also do with updating that, since it hasn’t been a true statement since 1996 (or 2005 if you don’t count the film).

    I would reply in their comments, but I can’t be bothered signing up for an account.

  • It’s probably a good job you didn’t bother with the rest of the review. They go on to say that it’s a poor production “that probably shouldn’t have been made”. This despite the fact that, prior to the new series, it was easily the best Dalek story aside from Genesis

  • “or 2005 if you don’t count the film”

    I’m afraid that you do have to count the film because Eccleston was confirmed as being the 9th Doctor which officially made McGann’s 8th Doctor canon (there’s that word again). I thought McGann was pretty good but the film itself… Anyway, Rememberance way outranks Resurrection. Never seen Revelation, but I soon will be doing thanks to the DVD being out. But I generally dislike other Colin Baker stories I’ve seen.

    In general, just don’t read reviews of things. The reviewer 9 times out of 10 knows fuck all about what they’re writing…about.

  • You might be pleasantly surprised by Revelation. It’s something of an anomaly when it comes to Baker C stories, in that it’s bloody brilliant. And it’s got Alexei Sayle in it.

    Random fact : two different cast members from “Upstairs Downstairs” appear in two subsequent Dalek stories (the mongish-talking woman who’s in Revelation, and the Group Captain in Remembrance).

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