RD Gadgets on Play.com

The enthusiastic Welshman Thomas Evans has e-mailed us to tell us about these Red Dwarf“gadgets” that have sprung up on Play.com.

There’s some lovely pieces of merchandise, there; the most lovely being the laser-etched Starbug for £22.99. I’ve seen one in the glassy flesh, and can confirm that they’re most excellent. There’s also a couple of signed stamp sheets as well, for fifteen nicker each. I imagine these are in short supply, so snap them up while you can. Oh, and there’s the Starbug Playset as well. I’d wait for them to fix the fault with the sound-chip before you hand over your hard-earned £25, though. A shame, as they’re otherwise pretty fantastic.

Incidentally, it’s my birthday on the 13th July. E-mail me for my postal address.

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  1. Have already seen these on there. They look great. Already have them though.

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