There follows a few quotes from reviews of the Who eps Aliens of London and World War Three. As for the link to Dwarf, it’s coming – wait for it…

“The humour again sinks to playground level, with comedy exploding monsters, more fart jokes, and expleting aliens.” – Starburst #324

“The broad humour sometimes alienated adults (yes, I’m talking fart gags)…” – SFX #133

“What lets this adventure down is the juvenile humour, especially the reliance on fart gags.” – dreamwatch #130

Continue ad infinitum in nearly EVERY review EVER.

I do feel slightly guilty about doing this post; after all, by all means feel free not to find fart jokes funny. And feel more than free to tell us you don’t find it funny. But I can’t help but feel there is a slightly unpleasant, superior undertone to this (and yes, I should know all about that) – as though no adult in their right mind would find fart jokes amusing, and isn’t the reviewer clever for being all grown up, and I prefer witty jokes cos they’re clever and I like clever stuff because I’m clever!!!!!

The last quote above provides the best example of this. In the very next sentence it goes on to say that “The political satire (“massive weapons of destruction, deployable in 45 seconds”) is well done, but gets buried beneath the gas emissions”. I don’t think you can really call it political satire as such – there’s no deep underlying point to it, and there wasn’t trying to be. No, it’s just a few amusing knowing asides – nothing more. You might find them funnier than fart gags, and who am I to argue – but there is nothing more intrinsically clever about them.

And even if there was – there is a delight in jokes and situations that are silly, and just plain rude. Watch Bottom – the perfect example of how both types of joke can be equally as funny… although if I’m honest, I probably prefer the rude stuff.

And the link to Dwarf? None. I lied. Sue me. Although you might want to watch this space for an announcement of a place where this might have been more appropriate…

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  • Hmmm, This is the first time my balding shiny dome has entered the observation dome other than to browse aimlessly in a curious fashion….
    Anyway, I have always thought many, if not most, Critics have a superiority complex and this seems especially true when reveiwing Sci-Fi. Whilst I’m sure Critics have a job to do, I have always felt that if they’re so bleeding clever, Why arn’t they making stuff rather than ripping it to shreds!. They are either implying ‘we’ are stupid for likng something or gushing like pubescent school boys confronting the new French supply teacher for the first time. Call me a grumpy old git, but what’s the point, unless of course we have stooped to sheep level and have to be follow the flock…

  • I HATE critics! ‘Oh yes *snort snort*, the clever political satire was buried beneath the gas… oh, I’m so good me, look how witty I am!’ Fuck you. Shows like Who are always fighting a battle because critics are straightaway all out to hate the show. They WANT to criticise it. They WANT to feel like they’re the people that are bringing it down.

    They weren’t even fart ‘gags’ in Aliens of London. A fart gag is like when Brian puts the phone to his arse in episode 4 of Phoenix Nights series 1 (when Max and Paddy ring him up) or in the Young Ones when Rick takes all the laxatives. Well, that’s more of a ‘shit’ gag than a fart gag but surely you know where I’m coming from. Perhaps the farting was a little overplayed in Aliens of London, but I wouldn’t say it was a gag.

  • Overplayed possibly, yes, although it was an integral part of the story in so much as they over produced gas when in human form…Another point that seems to be missed is that ‘Who’ was aimed at all ages (as it always has been in my view) and ‘fart’ gags will always appeal to younger viewers, and indeed, old gits like myself….

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