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  • Hmmm a hard one. if were talking purely SFX here then probably the starbug window in I think it’s Dimension Jump (it’s in Series 4 anyway) it’s a cockpit shot with the window behind them, the opposite to usual cockpit scenes. It’s just nasty.

    One of the only times I’ve really thought “is that really the best you could do?”

  • The worst effect EVER EVER EVER (not counting VII/VIII) is the Observation Dome(!) background in BTL and TFTM.

  • Actually, that cockpit one is worse because it doesn’t even look like they completed the effects. It is in DJ, isn’t it?

  • Are you thinking of the one at the start of ‘Marooned’? Because that *is* bloody awful, yes. It *does* look like it wasn’t completed.

    In Re-mastered they try and fix it. It still looks awful, though.

  • Either the above-mentioned cockpit shot, or the superimposed Cat heading towards Blue Midget in “Kryten”.

    CSO worthy of early-Pertwee Who, that.

  • That superimposed Cat shot is so bad that I wonder why they even included it. Why not just have the unadorned model shot? You don’t *need* to see Cat there. It’d be nice to have if it worked, but seeing as it doesn’t – just don’t bother.

  • The one in marooned just looks shoddy. The one in Dimension Jump is truly hideous. The entire cockpit window is just a strange dull grey colour. Military or Ocean? I can’t say.

  • It has to be the ejector seat in Backwards for my money, although it’s a good thing that that strip poker scene never made it into a finished episode, wasn’t that meant for Marooned as well, or am I getting senile?

  • Yep, the strip poker scene was meant for the start of Marooned. A scene that, incidentally, wasn’t included in the script in Primordial Soup. I really should get round to doing my review of that book.

  • I honestly don’t remember such a scene in Dimension Jump, Karl. Are you sure you’re not just misremembering the Marooned one? The whole cockpit window is a very strange colour then.

    If I’m just being an idiot, then forgive me.

  • No thinking about it logically it’s obviously NOT in Dimension Jump. Apologies I’ve been watching so much series 4 at the moment my mind seems to be associating everything with that series.

    It’s Marooned I’m thinking off. I’m presuming the missus watched it the other day. Can’t fathom how I’ve seen it recently tho.

  • On a unrelated note can I just say 2001: A Space Oddessy is shit.

    Allthough the bit with the apes did remind me of Darkplace so it’s not all bad.

  • I think I’ll strike that about the OD background with that stupid prop that seems to move around. That’s one of those that’s more funny than bad (sort of like Holly Hop drive funny).

    I really hate the CG on ‘Stoke’ when Ace Rimmer is sent with the countless other dead Rimmers in the universe. I hate it because it’s a great moment with great music but the CG is so fuck-awful that it ruins it! I wish they’d been able to redo all of the VII CG for the DVD! Also, the utterly shite magic carpet scene.

    One thing that always seems to get ripped on is the opening focus-pull shot of Lister painting the ship. I still think that’s quality, even though Craig was trying to get his face on camera, the cheeky get…

  • I actually love the ring of Rimmers in “Stoke.” The pull-back is wonderful and it’s actually one of my favorite things in VII. Does anyone else think the CG is rubbish? I thought it was quite good…as far as CG goes.

  • I thought the CG was pretty terrible, I’m afraid. It’s at its worst during the close-up of the capsule at the start – horribly pixelly and undetailed. (All down to yet another production SNAFU – I can’t find the details at the moment, but all to do with one computer program not being able to import data from another, despite assurances from someone that it could…)

  • I’ve always hated the rematerialisation of two Dwarfs into one at the end of Demons & Angels. The effect of how they disappear and reappear is bad enough… but the reconstituted Dwarf is so very unpleasantly grainy. Odd.

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