They’ve totally upgraded the whole site!

Erm, hello. Look what we did. Black is so last year, darlings.

This isn’t just a spring clean, however – more of a redefining of the parameters of our mission statement, if I was Gus Hedges, which luckily I’m not. Instead of being purely a blog, we’re trying to become more of a portal. But hopefully a useful one, rather than one that gives you Endless Fucking Shite. On the front page, you’ll now see links to the latest articles we’ve all been working on our own Dwarf sites. There. Wasn’t that worth it?Don’t worry, however, if you don’t like the new-style front page, because you can always bookmark one that’s a bit like the old one instead.

Take your time to look around – there’s still a few rough edges, but we’re getting there. And we’re looking for new people to join the team – so if you think you could contribute, then get in contact.

One thing to note especially is that you can now log-in to comment if you want, which is obviously highly useful in these identity-stealing days. Simply register with Typekey, and log-in next to the comment form. You’ll need Javascript enabled, though.

And as for Stuff – wait and see…

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  1. I’m delighted. I love this place and this looks fantastic.

    We’re re-launched. Kicking bottom, or what.

  2. Whoa. I wasn’t expecting that.

  3. Too cool for school.

    Very, very good.

  4. Very nice. Though it would be a bit nicer if we could see more than just the most recent article on the main page. Say, the 3 most recent, or even 5.

    Oh, and you forgot the link to under cast sites.

  5. Phil, you wouldn’t believe the discussions we’ve had about the former point. Long and short of it is we established that if you want to see more posts at once, you can just bookmark the Blog. We wanted the new content, such as “Selected Articles”, to be as visible as possible from the beginning.

    Re : Charles – his site is down at the moment, hence the removal of the link.

  6. Re: Re: Charles –
    I just wanted a laugh.

  7. You’ve broken the RSS feeds. Other than that, all very nice. Erm, well done.

  8. Oh God. Ignore that moaning post.

  9. Your RSS and Atom feeds (using the link tags on the home page) throw up 404 errors. You might also want to fix the old feeds to redirect to the new ones for people who are still using them (including your LiveJournal syndication).

  10. Good points, Paul – should be all fixed, now. Let me know if not.

  11. Wow! Site looks great, guys! Well done :)

  12. Fucking hell! Had to rub my eyes for a minute there. Looks pretty good, much more professional.

  13. That looks really interesting actually. I’ll look into it. Ta, Scott.

  14. What about the bits of Ganymede & Titan which still have the out-of-date layout?

  15. After TOP SECRET DJ SURPRISE, I’ll be doing something about that…

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