Just to let you know that, following the introduction of it over at Observation Dome, you can now register for comments using TypeKey. Simply create an account over there, and then log-in on the comment posting form. Whilst you’re at it, you can create a profile for yourself as well, which people can view by selecting the Typekey logo next to your name when you comment.

I’m well aware that TypeKey isn’t the best authentication system in the world. In fact, it’s one of the worst. Nonetheless, it’s here, it works, and it’ll do until I get round to sorting out this mess of a site. If you don’t like it (or if you don’t have/use JavaScript), then don’t worry – you can still comment without it, as usual.

I’ve also enabled basic HTML on the comments, exactly like OD – so don’t forget that URLs don’t auto-link any more, but you have to use the <a> tag. Images are also allowed – I won’t lay any specific guidelines, but the basic rule is: be vaguely sensible with regards to image size.

Feel free to use this entry to test things out. More actual content this coming week.

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