Well, I need advice and help again.

I’m moving to Florida on August 17th…and I’m driving. Which means I need something to listen to…and just recently it struck me that this would be a good time to listen to those League of Gentlemen radio programs…and Knowing Me Knowing You.

But those are the only two radio programs I own, and the trip will be about 18 hrs, so I need more.

My question is this…does anyone have the “Knowing Knowing Me Knowing You” documentary that is included with some versions of the CDs? Mine doesn’t have it and I’d like to hear it.

ALSO I’d like to know if anyone out there would be kind enough to let me “borrow” (ahem) other radio programs to keep me entertained during the drive?

I’m open to suggestions…any contributions to my very, very, very long car trip will be much appreciated.

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  • I’ve got some really good recentish I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue eps – the whole of the last series before the current one, in fact.

    Includes Tony Hawks doing “Girlfriend In A Coma” to the tune of “Tiptoe Through The Tulips”, which is possibly The Funniest Moment In The History Of Radio…

  • > Includes Tony Hawks doing “Girlfriend In A Coma” to the tune of “Tiptoe Through The Tulips”, which is possibly The Funniest Moment In The History Of Radio…

    I wouldn’t mind that clip, Seb…

  • Here you go. Usual Yousendit rules (it’s up for 7 days or until 25 people download it, whichever occurs first) apply.

    For those of you not familiar with ISAHAC, it’s a radio panel game (“the antidote to panel games”) featuring Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graham Garden, Barry Cryer and one other regular comedian (the likes of Tony Hawks – my favourite of the regulars – Jack Dee, Harry Hill, Andy Hamilton etc.). The aim is, obviously, less to score points and more to make people laugh. They always do a music round, and sometimes it consists of having to sing the lyrics of one song to the tune of another. Hence the Hawks clip above. Listen and enjoy. It’s funnier if you know the original Smiths song, but even if you don’t you can get the idea from the lyrics. It’s Tony at his absolute best – he fits the lyrics to the tune so well you’d think it had been written to that tune. Even he can’t help cracking up halfway through.

  • Awesome…emails sent.

    It looks like nobody has Knowing Knowing Me Knowing You though? Oh well. Seb’s program sounds great and I’m sure Ian’s choice will be as well.

    Any other offers? All would be well-appreciated, a-and I’ll send you a postcard from FLORIDA! And you can…you know. Put it in the trash.

  • I’ve got a few episodes of “People Like Us”, most of the recent series of “That Mitchell And Webb Sound” and some “The Very World of Milton Jones” (if you like puns), all of which amuse me greatly, if they’re of any interest.

  • sorry – i know i’m a bit late, but does anyone still have the “girlfriend in a coma to the tune of tiptoe through the tulips” clip still? as an mp3?

    you would be making an old man very happy…

  • Erm. I was looking around the interweb one night for the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy text-based game, and I found a place to get it, along with all Fits and Phases of the original radio shows. It’s not on a file-sharing type site, but I’ve gotten a good portion of the shows for myself now (I’m working my way through the Tertiary Phase, myself–excellent stuff!). Anyway: Here it is. Sorry for not sharing earlier–it honestly didn’t cross my mind until now to connect the page I found with this thread here.

  • thanks for finding that tony hawks masterwork, and for the hitchhiker’s link.

    just thought i’d pop back and say i’ve set up an odd little website which you might (or might not) enjoy:


    the idea is to collect together all those stories that are just too damn weird ever to be included in that novel we’re all supposed to have in us. stranger than fiction, that kind of thing. there’s a few up there already (one or two my own), and an email address so you can send your own in…


  • i know i’m a bit late to this party, but does anyone still have that tony hawks master moment?

    just thought i’d ask.


  • If i were you I’d listen to either..

    i) Chris Barrie reading ‘Infinity Welcomes Careful’ Drivers which rocks!.
    ii) Ricky Gervais podcasts with Steve Merchant and Karl Pilkington which may make you piss yourself while your drivin!.
    iii) Any Paul Mcgann Big Finish audio.
    iv) Steven Fry readin Harry Potter….

    that’d b mine……..

  • Jesus Christ, this post made the transfer to the new site? My goodness.

    I never did find Knowing Knowing Me Knowing You. :(

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