Ah, what a delightful thing to wake up to. More Dwarf stuff classified on the BBFC website! Most tantalisingly, there’s this entry, entitled “RED DWARF – SERIES VIII DELETED SCENES”. It’s not all deleted scenes, but a whopping 1 hour 6 minutes 59 minutes and 21 frames of it is! That’s over one hour of deleted scenes, just for one series! Plus, there’s 10 minutes 40 seconds of Smeg Ups, which will presumably be exactly the same ones that were on the end of the original video releases. Also, there’s a MYSTERY FEATURE, lasting 10 minutes and 34 seconds. Speculate away!

There’s also “RED DWARF – DVD EXTRAS COMEDY CONNECTIONS”, which is, unsurprisingly, just short of half an hour and rated PG. Still, it’s fairly exciting to see things on the BBFC – tragically, it’s been one of the highlights of my last four summers. Still, not as exciting as this, though.

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  • “1 hour 6 minutes 59 minutes and 21 frames”

    Not quite sure how to read this. I’m thinking you should be forced to answer a set of questions utilising the formula: “write the figure ?1,458,421.68 as words.”


    Ian: An angel was climbing a ladder to heaven with 12,875,768,342,689 rungs. On the third rung from the top he suddenly became struck by some kind of curse and fell all the way back to earth, breaking the parts of his wings most essential for flight.

    IN WORDS, how many rungs did the angel climb before falling, and what compensation did he successfully claim from Heaven’s Health and Safety Management Team?

  • 10 minutes and 34 seconds of the best Red Dwarf related websites and there intergration into society perhaps?

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