Brittas boxset artThis’ll teach us to keep our eye off the ball when it comes to Brittas stuff. Just on the off comment by Leelu on the Webboard, we found out about this release – a boxset of all seven series, due in Region 2 on the 19th September. Play are doing it for £54.99 if you can stand their policy on BABY-RAPING THE STATE.

There are rumours, from both someone on the Webboard, and on the comments on Eureka’s site, that this release will include additional extras – although our lord and saviour Mr. Ellard thinks its just the standard releases all packaged up. We’ll update you when we find out for certain.

As for the boxset artwork… lovely picture, but I still think whoever chose the starring and blurb fonts should be SHOT and HANGED and PISSED ON.

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  • I wish they’d done two box sets. They probably would have if there’d been 8 series. The last two series aren’t on par with the rest.

  • At first I thought the writing on the bottom of the cover said “The Complete Brittas Empire – Coming Soon on DVD”. That would have been way better.

  • Oddly, all the online stores (and Eureka’s new site) are now saying this is coming on the 23rd October this year!

    I’m sure I’ve seen this for sale, so presumably it sold out and this a new production run. Which means it sold very well and they could have afforded to do some more extras…

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