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  • I see this has been put as a Series VII item. VII and crap gags do go hand in hand pick up the ball. Unfortunately I can’t think of any that I find funny, not sober at least. Have you ever watched VII whilst pissed? I’m not talking a couple of cans. I think you need to have downed at least half a bottle of vodka before the OOT cliffhanger ‘explanation’ sails over your head and somehow the rest of the series is somewhat easier to digest. I even find myself laughing at Kryten’s jealousy of Kochanski.

  • I only put it as a series VII item because, well, I had to put *something*, and I *was* quoting series VII.

    I know it’s a dreadful gag. And it’s in possibly the worst Red Dwarf episode of all. Yet there’s just something about it that makes me smirk.

  • It’s so bad it’s good. So silly, but funny for purely that reason. Comedy doesn’t always have to be about gags – delivery and phrasing can make all the difference.

  • “Holly, what’s the Theory of Relativity?”
    “Well, it’s a theory, innit.”

    It didn’t make me laugh out loud or anything but I quite liked it (and the following lines) at the time.

  • Also, “…as sure as eggs is hen-periods”.

    It’s a really shit joke but it got a huge laugh at DJ last year, even though IT WAS A COMPLETE LIE.

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