8 Responses to Completely Crap Gags That Shouldn’t Be Funny But Somehow Are

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  1. I’m afraid that one’s too crap even for me.

    I’ll go for “the post’s arrived” in Krytie TV

  2. I see this has been put as a Series VII item. VII and crap gags do go hand in hand pick up the ball. Unfortunately I can’t think of any that I find funny, not sober at least. Have you ever watched VII whilst pissed? I’m not talking a couple of cans. I think you need to have downed at least half a bottle of vodka before the OOT cliffhanger ‘explanation’ sails over your head and somehow the rest of the series is somewhat easier to digest. I even find myself laughing at Kryten’s jealousy of Kochanski.

  3. So basically, anyone who likes VII is an alcoholic? Makes sense.

  4. Hand pick up the ball / punch Kryten in the head is STILL one of the highlights of VII for me, I don’t care what anybody says.

  5. I only put it as a series VII item because, well, I had to put *something*, and I *was* quoting series VII.

    I know it’s a dreadful gag. And it’s in possibly the worst Red Dwarf episode of all. Yet there’s just something about it that makes me smirk.

  6. It’s so bad it’s good. So silly, but funny for purely that reason. Comedy doesn’t always have to be about gags – delivery and phrasing can make all the difference.

  7. “Holly, what’s the Theory of Relativity?”
    “Well, it’s a theory, innit.”

    It didn’t make me laugh out loud or anything but I quite liked it (and the following lines) at the time.

  8. Also, “…as sure as eggs is hen-periods”.

    It’s a really shit joke but it got a huge laugh at DJ last year, even though IT WAS A COMPLETE LIE.

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