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  1. Are you watching The Inquisitor by any chance, John?

  2. YES.

    Speaking of which – in the original ending of the ep in the deleted scenes, isn’t the way Robert’s doing Kryten… odd? A bit too chirpy and… strange? And the mask is a bit strange, too. Was it one of the first things shot for the series and he hadn’t quite got back into character yet?

  3. What’s so disturbing? The American flag button alterna-Kryten is wearing that I’ve never noticed before?

  4. That’s on Lister’s sleeve.

  5. Ah. That makes much more sense.

  6. I’ve just always found alternate Kryten quite scary. It’s the mask. If you get faces even slightly wrong, then it’s just a bit disturbing – the Series III mask is a bit odd, as well.

  7. Funny. Doesn’t bother me at all.

  8. Ah, the Stars and Stripes, God bless America, and of course, The little green men that live at the bottom of my garden…

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