47. Int. Peterborough Moat House Hotel Conference Room.

NORMAN and CHLOË are on stage. JOHN puts up his hand.

JOHN: John Hoare, Ganymede and Titan.
JOHN: Can I have your copy of the Movie script?
IAN: Twat.

FFS. I really must learn some social skills.

Anyway. Yes. Ian will no doubt have a full report later, but a couple of bits of news at this ridiculously late hour – one good, one bad. Get the bad out the way then: Doug sent a short statement apologising for not being there, but that 25% of the Movie’s budget had fallen through on Tuesday. Before you all howl with dismay (or roll your eyes, at least), the positive thing is that he’s apparently working with some proper Dwarf fans… which is interesting. Of course, the other interesting thing is: if he’s worried about the 25%, what does that tell you about the other 75%?

Keep the faith people. I know I keep pointing this out, but it’s true that lots of hugely successful films have had tortuous times in Development Hell. Part of the reason it looks so bad is because he has people following its every move, rather than being allowed to happen in obscurity.

Onto the bit of nice news, then: Tucker and team are doing the next Who! In their little Q&A session, they revealed that the Christmas Special is the last ep they’re doing as the internal BBC Model Unit… but they’re setting up their own company, and their first job is episode 1 of Series 2. Marvellous! And yep, according to this month’s SFX, they’re doing K9…

More from us later today.

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  • I’m sure if everyone chipped in we’d be able to raise the other 25%, no? It’s only, what, ?3 million. Easy… Funding falling through is understandable. A company/investor will most likely offer their involvement for a set period of time, say 6 months, and if the project hasn’t got off the ground by then they’ll withdraw.

    If the movie could be done with 3 million it would have been greenlit and made years ago, but there would be no money for CG/model shots. Saying that, The League of Gentlemen did great things with a 3 mil budget, but they did a lot of corner-cutting which helped, and it was no way as effects-heavy as Dwarf would be.

    Good news about Tucker. I thought they’d all be out of a job. And K9 is the same design as the original, obviously as it’s meant to be the same dog.

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