The whole Thomas Allman sequence at the start of The Inquisitor… wouldn’t that have been so much better before the credits, as per the script?


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  • There’s something that’s always troubled me about the Thomas Allman sequence, and now I can’t remember what it is…

    … oh yeah, that’s it. HE NEVER GETS A TRIAL. What’s that all about?

  • It’s veeeery dodgy plotting is that. Either it was written before decided on the whole trial thing, or they just realised that dramatically any trial stuff at the start just wouldn’t work.

    One possible way of explaining it away is that he used not to give proper trials, but after visiting Earth in the early 21st century got very scared about the abuses of justice and resolved to do things more fairly.


  • Perhaps the trial only takes place in the person’s mind. In the episode we are not privy to Allman’s thoughts but we are for the crew. Maybe.

  • Fair enough, Smeghead. I always just rationalized it to myself that he received a trial but had his memory of it erased, and the Inquisitor is just popping back to finish the job. But Smeghead’s explanation makes more sense.

    Still, John’s social commentary bit would be nice.

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