John’s Newsround – 6/8/05

Ellie Crisell, boxing. Strangely erotic.Only one update from TOS, but it’s a good one. For a start, we have an official Region 2 release date: November 7th – so Amazon was right and RDSUK was wrong, not that you’ll find me complaining. Still, 93 days to go – or 91, if you’re lucky. Be strong, big man. R2 VIII will be in the usual February; R1 gets the usual February or March release of both DVDs, and R4 should also get their VII in November and VIII February. Business as usual, then.

Onto the rest of the DVD news. And – Comedy Connections is going to be on the VIII DVD! Hooray! It was something we all hoped, but I completely forgot about it, to be honest. At least Rob Grant will be appearing on the DVDs in some form. (Although why he missed his chance to contribute to the DVDs properly is something I’ll never understand.) Anyway, I might even get round to doing my dissection of the show this time round. Anyone looking forward to my 4:3 cropping for widescreen rant? No? Excellent.

We’re also promised an a lovely effects featurette produced by Bill Pearson, who worked on the show in various capacities. I’m particularly looking forward to the exhumed skutter. I wonder if they could get it serving tea to everyone in the GNP office? Clue: no.

Right, off to have a wank over The Adult Channel. I’ve paid for it, so I might as well use it. More from us next week, including another vacuous essay.

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  1. I’m amazed–genuinely amazed–that the release date, which you already had an idea about, is bigger news to you than a model featurette.

    Is this the same John Hoare?

  2. Thanks for the newsround pictures, I miss seeing her now I dont get home til after 6 :D

  3. I think, for the first time in my life, a proper journalistic sense of perspective kicked in.

    Don’t worry, I won’t let it happen again.

  4. Well, the closing paragraph of the article suggests an emphatic return to regular service…

  5. The wanking or the essay?

  6. Shame that Universe challange ain’t gonna get an showing on the DVDs.

  7. I wonder if we’ll get the broadcast Comedy Connections or an extended version with more comments, could be interesting to see what else was said and subsequently cut out.

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