Look out! Food escape!

From the ever-reliable bastion of decent journalism, The Daily Mirror:


CORRIE star Craig Charles was sent home from filming yesterday after being struck down with food poisoning.

The former Red Dwarf actor, 40, who joined the soap in June as Liverpool cabbie Lloyd Bowen, blamed a dodgy fish supper the night before.

He had been set to shoot scenes with Bruce Jones and Simon Gregson, but was too sick to continue.

A spokeswoman said: “He couldn’t do the scene and we suggested he go home and get better.”

Producers are hoping he will be back today as his illness threw the filming schedule into chaos.


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  1. L…M…F…A…O… :D

  2. Didn’t he have food poisoning during the filming of The Games as well?

    ‘Unlucky’ guy.

  3. Cool. I nearly have a fit every time I hear his voice when my mum’s got Corrie on. I think they need other Dwarf cast to do cameos. Actually, food poisoning is a reet bastard and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, well apart from the wankers that have refused to fund the movie.

  4. “The former Red Dwarf actor, 40”

    All the evidence you’ll need that Red Dwarf has FINISHED, everybody.

  5. Or maybe the emphasis is on him being a former actor? Yes maybe that’s it.

  6. Former actor? Former Red Dwarf actor, I think. In other words, used to act in Red Dwarf. Don’t ponce around man, we all know the age of the guys.

  7. Looking back, that was unnecessarily confrontational. Sorry.

  8. Actually, was it? Ah, forget it.

  9. Mr deserves everything he gets.

  10. Must learn how to pick on peoples IP address’

  11. From Sunday Mirror yesterday:
    Aug 21 2005
    By David Hudson
    CORRIE stars Craig Charles and Bruce Jones nearly slugged it out toe-to-toe in an amazing off-camera slanging match.
    The raging pair had to be separated by a crew member at Granada studios before Charles was sent away to cool off.
    Trouble flared last week when Jones, who plays Les Battersby, accused Charles – womanising cabbie Lloyd Mullaneya – of being hungover as he struggled with his lines during a shoot. They went for each other and turned the air blue, but they did not come to blows.”
    A studio source said: “Bruce accused Craig of being unprofessional and they had to be separated.”
    A spokeswoman said Charles, 41, complained of food poisoning and was sent to his hotel to recover. He is said to have phoned previously crying off because of personal problems.

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