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The fool who says this is bad is the person with no smeggin taste

If this isn’t a best seller then I will anouse that Ace Rimmer is a Smeg head (and I don’t want to do that what a guy he is!)

Oh Dear!, I Might Die cus its So good,

Cant Smeg Wont Smeg, hopefull we can see other Red Dwarf night prgrams on future DVDs, like Universe Challenge, untill then theres always Kazaa.

This series is also packed with memorable moments. The c.l.i.t.o.r.u.s scene in Polymorph…

Even though I haven’t seen the DVD…I would recommend this to anyone. So go on buy it I garanteee you will love it.

The whole product smacks of having people who care about the show behind it and not some smelly room full of BBC execs trying to push a release out. A DVD so good you feel you need to get a brand new player just to treat it right :D

Erm, I won’t mention who wrote that last one…

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  • From: Jonathan Capps
    Date: Friday, 27 June 2003

    Review: Series II arrives on your doormat and suddenly you realise that your in dwarfy heaven!
    All the same fantastic features found on Series I, this DVD also has the advantage fo having a better series on it :) The menus feel much richer and reflect the (slightly) more colourful style of the show in Series II. Another fabulous GNP/BBC love child. Top banana!

  • “Top banana!”

    I’m sorry but I can’t abide anyone using that phrase.

    “All the same fantastic features found on Series I”

    Well what’s the point? They could have made some new ones…

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