Play Lists VII

VII DVD cover. IT'S A GNP MOCK, before the discussions start.£16.99!

This is obviously bloody good for a new 3 disc set. My reservations about them being TAX-DODGING BASTARDS remain, but if I’m going to get arsey about that, I suppose I should try and buy ethically properly, rather than just picking and choosing. And frankly, I like Milkybars. So I’ll shut up. RDSUK still have it at £21.99, – remember their disclaimer that the price will drop, but you’ll still have to pay £2.99 P&P, unlike Play.

Sadly, there’s no sneaky glimpses of anything DVD Details hasn’t mentioned yet, like sometimes happens, but keep checking back to see when they add extras info.

Meanwhile, the BBFC has the first VII classification. What a load of fucking shit that’s going to be. It lasts for 18 minutes 19 seconds; presumably it includes Doug’s introduction(s), the two winning fan films, and the runners up compilation. Frankly, I still can’t get the image of the examiners actually sitting there watching our film out of my head. I imagine they were pretty damn impressed with my acting, I’ll tell you that much. I’m surprised they could gather their thoughts coherently enough to actually make a classification.


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  1. >What a load of fucking shit that’s going to be.

    Ahh shut up, its ace and you knows it.

  2. Whats warrants it to be a 12?

  3. It’s a mock up, as the classifications haven’t been decided yet. I guess it’s an expected rating though.

  4. > Whats warrants it to be a 12?

    All the DVDs so far have been 12s! Also, two of the original three VII videos were 12s, as was Xtended.

  5. I didn’t know it was three discs.

  6. You should have been fucking well paying attention then.

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