In case you didn’t see it on TOS, SFX magazine have just brought out a poll to find their readers’ favourite British TV fantasy show. Doctor Who, predicably and rightfully enough, was a runaway winner, but a few eyebrows have surely been raised at the fact that a certain sitcom managed to get second place.I suppose continuing strong DVD sales have shown us that the series is still in people’s minds and, for the most part, fondly remembered (this is where I would be linking to a post on a prominent comics writer’s message board, except we’ve all discussed the fact that we don’t want OD to be connected to any resulting flame war with his notoriously flame-happy fans); even so, a poll result like this (especially coming from the readers of a magazine who are usually extremely backhanded and grudging in their praise and support of the series) is extremely encouraging news.

Anyway, here’s the BBC’s coverage of the story, which I doubt they’d have done had it not been Who that won, but there you go. Worth linking to simply for the fact that, when discussing other “old favourites” that “have also been revived, or will be soon”, they say that “A Red Dwarf movie is in the pipeline”. Which, you know, gave me a bit of a chuckle.

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  • Wahey! That’s an excellent result and Robin of Sherwood at Number 10 too. Shame the remake of that had has Robbie Williams linked with the lead role and seems to be going more down the 60’s merry men route than the quite frankly spiffin 80s version.

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