Well, I say “sometimes”, this is about the only time I’ve seen it produce anything more thought-provoking (and even in this instance I use the term loosely) than “omg it’s so funny but i always use quotes from red dwarf in real life!!!! do you ever use quotes from red dwarf in real life!!!! also, i really fancy chris barrie, and so i’ve written this story about him doing lister up the bum!!!!”, but there you go.

From Ellieet, who unfortunately lets the side down with an LJ icon proclaiming that Cat and Lister are clearly a gay couple, comes this :

I’ve just watched Terroform [sic] again and I noticed something – a blooper of sorts, so I thought I’d bring it up.

In the shot where Lister rolls out from where he’s been fixing out Kryten, you can see actually see part of Danny John-Jules’ cotumes in the shot – a boot and a bit of his long coat. I think he must have been sitting down behind Craig watching the shot and unwittingly got in the way. Just food for thought. ;)

Anyone fancy checking it out?

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  • The guy is an idiot.

    Cat is standing next to Kryten when Lister slides out from underneath him. You can indeed see his boots and coat, but that’s because that’s where he’s standing in the scene!

    To think it’s a blooper you have to ignore the fact he has a line to say, in that position, directly before and after the Lister sliding shot.

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