I could pick apart aspects of the site (and no doubt I will at some point – no alt text on the images, for starters), but let’s be positive – it looks lovely, and more to the point – it’s not a MESS OF FLASH. So hooray! Dwarf cast members – this is more like how it should be done. So go look at the Massive Machines diary, which has been updated. (Still no archive of previous ones, mind you.)

Sorry G&T has been quiet recently. It’s partly cos there’s not much going on, but also because me and the rest of the OD gang are working on a NEW PROJECT, coming very soon. Will you be able to contain yourself? Clue: yes.

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  1. The FAQ is quite good, in that it’s actually answered by him and actually answers interesting questions.

    I love the fact that there’s absolutely no mention of A Prince Among Men in the bio…

  2. ‘Arnorld Rimmers “H”‘

    An extra ‘r’ and no apostle trophy. So there.

  3. Nice to see the site back online, the layouts great aswell

  4. Ian…did you get my e-mail btw? Or was it too shit to include?

  5. Ian’s offline till Sunday. I’ve got a *huge* backlog of mail to deal with (due to this new thing I mention in the article – hopefully going online Monday) – I’ll have a look at it and reply tomorrow, promise!

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