#Why don’t you carry on?
#With what you’re doing,
#’Cause there’s always,
#Trouble brewing,
#You’ve got to find a way,
#To make a better day,
#Woah, Marian!#Anyway, the first series of Maid Marian and her Merry Men is now seeding over at UK Nova. (Guess the URL) Go go go!

Home taping is killing the music industry.

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  1. Put it on disk for me, please , Ian.

  2. I can’t at the moment – my parents have banned all downloady things on their computer. Can’t you get a torrent client?

  3. Bah and if you tell me how, yes. I am low on HD space, though.

  4. Sooner or later they MUST release this on DVD.

  5. Sooner or later they MUST release this on DVD.

    Yes, its the bloody law.

  6. I would have recorded this the last time it was on except the presenters on CBBC thought it was a really good idea to get their idiot viewers to sing over the end credits each week, which totally ruined it for me. Bastards.

  7. I’m downloading it!

  8. Actually, you need to be signed up to get in it and yet it won’t let me sign up. Rubbish.

  9. Keep trying. Nova have a limited number of users, and they’re frequently kicking people off and letting people on.

  10. Considering the amount of people with shocking ratios I’m surprised more people don’t get kicked out. Reminds me, I must get round to watching all the Spitting Image stuff I’ve grabbed.

  11. Youse all getting these off UKNova then? I got episodes 1-4 a few weeks ago, I must get the rest. God, it’s good.

  12. Oh, fucking hell, remind me to read the full entry before asking STUPID questions. I’m too tired, I’m going to bed.

    Also, Ian, don’t link to UKNova on a site as easily Googlable as this. The whole point of it is that it’s low-profile, under the radar and that sort of thing. Given that it’s the best torrent site there is, it’d be a bitch to see it go down.

  13. Good point, well made.

  14. >Sooner or later they MUST release this on DVD.

    >Yes, its the bloody law.

    And for your second wish?

  15. A million pounds in a swiss bank account, please.

  16. Bollocks to that.

  17. And I made stew for you! Pfft!

  18. And lovely stew it was, too. But if I had a million squids, I’d keep it for mesen.

    Cos I’m skint.

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