“What the fuck is Noise to Signal?” I hear you shriek. Well:
Signal-to-noise n An engineering term for the power ratio between a signal (meaningful information) and the background noise.
inf. The ratio of useful information to false or irrelevant information, for example in an online discussion forum

Noise To Signal n A bunch of self-righteous pillocks blathering about media on the internet.

… or, slightly more charitably, a group webblog here to bring you reviews, articles and general thoughts/observations on the media (be it books, comics, newspaper, film, television, radio, music, the web or anything else we can shoehorn in); past, present and future.

The idea for the site was born out of discussions between existing members of the Red Dwarf fansite, Observation Dome, who felt a need to write for a site with a much broader subject matter – and, by association, a much broader potential reader base.

So, there we go. John, Tanya, Ian, Austin, Seb, Kirk and I are the founder members but, like OD, it’s an open site so do get in touch if you think you have something to offer.

Enjoy, anyway.

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  • Wow, like, journalism without Red Dwarf and no visible cunting. That wasn’t meant the way it might sound. Good luck with it.

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