… has been put up in its entirety on a certain site whose name may or may not rhyme with “Duke A. Rover”. So if you’ve never seen it (I haven’t) and want to watch it and pass comment, then now’s yer chance.

(oh, it’s written by Rob Grant, by the way)

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  • I only saw the first episode of this at the time – I didn’t have Sky One, and so a friend taped it for me.

    I don’t remember it very well, but from memory it was *gorgeously* produced… but just not very funny – apart from one shot of them holding a severed head as seen through the windscreeen of a lorry that was fantastic.

    I may well have completely misjudged it, though. I really hope I did, and that it’s a forgotten classic, or something…

  • My torrent of this finally finished today! Hurrah!

    I have to say, I quite like it. The whole aliens as fish-out-of-water thing is a bit cliched, and a bit Third Rock From The Sun, but he’s at least getting some solid gags out of it. Williams and Doherty are both excellent (Doherty, in particular, is a surprise). Mark Heap and Sarah Alexander are their usual great selves, too (and Sarah Alexander makes me want to do something, but I don’t know what it is, etc. etc.). And the setting – both geographical and temporal – has got that real Roald Dahl unspecific curiosity going on about it – one minute it seems modern-day, the next it could be the ’60s; and the people are English but the cars are all left-hand drive.

    But yeah. I really quite enjoyed the pilot. It’s no Dwarf, but it’s solid and it’s intriguing. Perhaps the premise couldn’t be sustained over more than a few episodes (it’d have made a good feature-length thing or even a movie, though). It’s surprising that this wasn’t at least a minor hit, though, given the production values that went into it.

  • Surely not? It was on in 2000… Sky One was around in the early ’90s. The likes of Games World, which I always used to watch around ’93-’94, were made specifically for Sky back then, and Dream Team’s been going for quite some time as well…

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