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  • Well, there’s three references about Lister going to Art college which are, in reality, just the same joke about how it doesn’t really qualify as an ‘education’.

  • Some of the similar jokes, like Lister going to Art college, I think are meant to be a running thing. I don’t think it’s really laziness by Rob and Doug. And I like that beans thing because Kryten’s line is actually taking it one step further, with the can of beans already open!

    HOWEVER!! I’m afraid I’m one of those people that dislikes the series VI Cat ‘deader than’ running gags (well, it isn’t even a running gag, it’s just the same gag again and again, like Little Britain…). The main reason I don’t like it is that it, along with a few other devices, keeps the episodes of VI too formulaic for my liking. I know this WAS Rob and Doug’s plan, but…I just prefer the previous series’! I could go on all day about how it’s partly to do with the restrictions of them being in the Bug and everything, but much better people do a much better job of explaining it all. An episode like Dimension Jump couldn’t have been in VI because Rob and Doug were more interested in writing cockpit gags and rehashing old plotlines (Rimmerworld, Emohawk).

  • In Emohawk:

    KRYTEN: Shame overload. I-I-I-sorry.

    Then in Epideme:

    KRYTEN: Forgive me, sir. Shame mode.

    Also, in Out of Time:

    LISTER: He just wrenched it off the wall and tried to insert it in me.

    Followed by Krytie TV:

    RIMMER: Didn’t you get a clue that time I tried to insert it in you?

    Far too similar for my liking.

  • > But VI was brilliant! Gah!

    What can I say. It’s one of my least favourites. Gunmen is the series’ saving grace, and also parts of Out of Time, but Rimmerworld, Emohawk, Legion and Psirens still don’t sit that well with me. Sure, there are good moments and dialogue, but series V just blows them away. I think the episodes in V are infinitely better structured and thought out than VI, again with Gunmen being the exception (the amount fit in Gunmen just defies the laws of 30 minute sitcoms).

  • Can someone please tell me why most people think Series 5 is the best series? Because, while most of the eps were very enjoyable, there were none that I would call better than, say: Series 4’s Dimension Jump, or Series 6’s Gunmen of the Apocalypse.

  • 1.Holly in Queeg: ‘I don’t know, the damage report machine’s been damaged.’
    Cat in Emohawk: ‘Damn. Now the damage report machine’s exploded.’

    2.Cat in Ouroboros: ‘You took the words right out of my mouth.’
    Repeated by Holly in BITR3.

    There are more, but can’t think at the moment…

  • >Demons & Angels isn’t particularly excellent…

    Thats one of my favorites, if for nothing else than Chris Barrie’s demon character.

  • Yes, that’s because you’re a GIRL.

    Seriously, have a look at the LJ community some time. They all love D&A because it has Rimmer dressed up like a refugee from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, making it all the more easy for them to make icons depicting him as Lister’s rampant lover.

    Admittedly Chris’ delivery in that scene is very, very funny. But I just think the episode is a bit… flat. I mean, it’s supposed to be a musing on the potential darker sides of the characters, but it doesn’t sit right – all the stuff about Lister torturing ants and stuff when he was little, he’s just not like that. None of the Low characters actually represent a believable darker version of the Dwarf crew – and Polymorph, Back To Reality and Dimension Jump all portray much more believable alternates. It seems to me to be the only example in the whole of series I-VI where uncharacteristic attributes are placed onto a character for comedic effect, rather than shaping traits organically out of what we know about the character.

  • >Yes, that’s because you’re a GIRL.

    Yep, I am. This does not mean, however, that I find Chris Barrie, or any other actor from the series, attractive.

    >depicting him as Lister’s rampant lover.

    In all honesty that does nothing for me, at all.

    >It seems to me to be the only example in the whole of series I-VI where uncharacteristic attributes are placed onto a character for comedic effect, rather than shaping traits organically out of what we know about the character.

    As ironic as it sounds, this is why I find it so amusing. You’d never think the characters could go to such an extreme, so when they did, it surprised and amused me, making the whole episode all the more amusing and memorable.

  • ‘Demons & Angels isn’t particularly excellent’

    I was going to make that point, I think it’s just a load of ‘eurgh’ moments (the spider, the coffee, the spinal implant) and not actually very enjoyable to watch. The only good thing about it is the model shot of Red Dwarf exploding (which is shown in its’ full length in the DVD model shots anyway).

    Quaratine has its’ weaker points as well, the start is hilarious, and when they are being chased by Rimmer and Mr. Flibble, it is one of the greatest Red Dwarf moments ever. But the scene in the Quarantine room is tedious, and every time I watch it, I just want it to finish so that the next scene starts.

    ’20th Century DJ’s suffered from it all the time’ annoys me as it just isn’t funny compared to other jokes in the episode.

  • That 20th Century DJs thing is another example of joke repeating. Kryten previously says maybe he’ll get a job as a disc jockey.

    I like Demons & Angels. Sure, parts of it are a little stupid but I like the fact that it’s a different episode, with quite a bit of action with the Low Kryten smashing through the wall and people being blown up and stabbed, not to mention the destruction of the Dwarf. So fuck anyone who doesn’t like it.

  • Defeating Ian’s argument, a week after the fact :

    We watched Terrorform last night, and Kryten doesn’t say “tin of beans”. He says “tin of sardines”.

  • Just watched Stoke and it reminded me that there’s two rather cheeky callbacks to previous matrial :

    “The man who kept his underpants on coat-hangers and sewed name labels into his ship-issue condoms has gone.”

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