The front of the Red Dwarf 2006 calendar. RUBBISH RE-MASTERED SHIP WAH. But I'm hiding that in this alt text because people are SICK of reading about it.I can’t believe it. I simply cannot be-*explodes* Merchandise! Released! And on time!

Yep, TOS has updated with news of two items just released. First up, the 2006 Calendar – “based on both character profiles and Space Corps directives” – and, frankly, doesn’t it look marvellous? I mean, having this on my wall for a month will cheer me up no end. A lovely design, with lovely pictures – even if I do think having half of the main piccies being from VII/VIII is a bit unbalanced. Oh, and well done on linking the pictures to the Space Corps directives. Although I still don’t like Holly wigged-up, but that could be because I’m a HUMOURLESS BASTARD.

The calendar will be available from RDSUK – although sadly, the link to it on the front page doesn’t work yet, and the calendar section, despite having a piccy at the top, doesn’t have any products listed. No doubt it’ll show up in the next couple of days.

There’s also a detailed piece on the extensive collection of new film cells – most available from RDSUK, but Argos and Play have also got one exclusive each. The smaller ones are out now, with the rest following within the next month. It’s extremely difficult to even comment on these without seeing them properly, so we’ll try and have a review for you at some point – but with the cheapest at £42.95 (and the most expensive being £149.95), it might have to wait a while. Get in contact if you’re a rich bastard who’ll review one for us. I think my pick would be the Series V montage, but unfortunately I have to EAT.

What’s worrying is that I very much enjoyed the picture bottom right of this one. Clearly, I should resign from G&T immediately.

Final bit of news – Andrew has said on the Webboard that prototypes of the headknockers/bobbleheads have “just come into the office and are utterly beautiful” – and to expect piccies and release dates on TOS in a few weeks. We really are going through a great period for merchandise at the moment – all I want is a model of the original Red Dwarf, and I’d be happy…

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  • “even if I do think having half of the main piccies being from VII/VIII is a bit unbalanced”

    Interesting, this – cos you see what you want to see. You could equally have said that half of the main pics are from Series IV/V!

  • I knew you were going to say something like that!

    I based it on this formula: (16 episodes in VII/VIII / 52 episodes in total) * 12 months. Which gives 3.69 piccies. So, rounding up, there’s 2 pictures too many for VII/VIII.

    The fact I bothered to work out a formula means I’ve finally gone overboard, doesn’t it?

    *However*, I suppose you have to take into account the lack of colour picces for Series 1 and 2. Although there are a few – and I’d have been happy with a classy black and white shot.

    Not that it all matters hugely – the ‘Engaged’ picture is one of my favourite Dwarf publicity photos anyway…

  • That formular imakes the IV and V shots even less proportional, though, is my point.

    I and II – colour piccies are a problem. I don’t think any calendar company would have been happy to print b&w. Oh, and III is costly to clear cos we don’t own the photos…

  • I’d forgotten about the III photo rights, actually. I see what you’re getting at.

    I’m surprised the calendar company would have been *so* against using just one black and white piccy, mind you – I would have thought it was vaguely fashionable, if anything. But then, my idea of “fashionable” is, erm, not to be trusted.

    Is there any reason why no VI photos were used?

    (Don’t think I’m being too critical, incidentally – I do still love the calendar.)

  • Well, I wasn’t directly involved with it beyond the odd opinion and sign-off, but both the calendar company and Doug wanted shots that were character rich and conveyed some humour.

    The thing about VI and V – which is also their strength, if that’s your preference – is how seriously they often take themselves. There aren’t so many good, funny photos. (No shots of the Vindaloovias, female Rimmer clones, etc. etc.)

    But this is all retrospective – none of this was conscious thought at the time. I guess if the calendar does well this year we’ll be wanting to get feedback for the next one…

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