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Across the Pond Studios has picked up the comic rights for Rob Grant and Doug Naylor’s BBC sci-fi comedy, Red Dwarf. The print version should hit some time next year, but a web comic will be launched on October 28th at the official Red Dwarf website, with daily updates until the DVD release of Red Dwarf Season VIII. The way I hear it, the story is supposed to take place in continuity and help pave the way for the Red Dwarf movie. However, there’s no word on whether the comic will address the infamous season eight cliffhanger…

Now, check out one of the names on the front cover. Hmmmmmmmmm.Interesting one, this. Completely out of the blue, for starters (and I wonder if TOS might be annoyed about a comics gossip site gazumping their announcement?)

The artwork looks pretty decent, I think. Alright, I know you’re all going to say Kryten looks crap, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to look crap in the whole thing. The art’s nicely stylised, and the other characters look pretty good – Lister looks less Craigish, and more how you might imagine him from the books, and I love the hologram effect on Rimmer. And, as John has (predictably) pointed out – ORIGINAL SHIP!

As OD’s resident comic book nerd, I’m not familiar with the studio (they look new), nor any of the creative talent involved (it’s hard to tell, from that cover, whether or not this is all Ellard-written with the others being artistic team, or if they’re co-writers – perhaps the man himself could shed some light?). It strikes me as quite similar to the sort of thing that 88mph Studios did with Ghostbusters – after picking up a few 80s movies properties, rather than diving in with all of them (I presume they have a BTTF license, given the name), they spent some time putting a good but untested creative team onto the project, and ended up with something really, really good (a four-part miniseries, set just after the first movie but bringing it into the year 2004).

I also like the idea of doing webcomics, in addition to the print stuff, assuming they will get properly updated. Webcomics are an exciting medium, and well worth using the profile of something like Red Dwarf to experiment with. Scott McCloud would approve…

Also, Andrew – becoming a published comics writer? YOU JAMMY GOIT.

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  • If this is meant to pave the way for the upcoming Movie, then why is there a female Holly on the cover of issue 1?

    But, anyway, I’m incredibly excited about this. Despite what I’ve said in the past about not liking people outside of the Grant Naylor partnership writing Dwarf. For some reason it being a comic makes it different…

  • That “ELLARD” on the front cover is just the height of cool. I wish I had something like that.

    Maybe I’ll do some photoshopping and put MY name there, and then sit wanking about it whilst imagining all the cool stuff I’ve written, and then pretend I’m a famous comic writer and I’m worshipped by everyone and everyone loves me and I’ve got girls desperately wanting to do perverted things to me and then I’ll go to bed rich and famous and happy.


  • why is there a female Holly on the cover of issue 1?

    This doesn’t really answer the question, but just to point out – I’d hazard an extremely strong guess that that’s not an ACTUAL cover (particularly as it’s dated October ’05) and more a piece of sample and/or promotional art…

    Which (sorry John) might mean the original ship isn’t in it, either…

  • I’ll just do my usual cut+paste from what Andrew says on the Webboard:

    Well, the buzz had to start sometime… :-)

    The piece is basically true, though there are factual errors.
    The comic IS a 9-page continuity gap filler, approved by
    Doug, but is nothing to do with either the Series VIII
    cliffhanger or the Dwarf movie; and the company haven’t
    yet granted a full Dwarf comic licence. This is a toe in the
    water, and the feedback is going to matter hugely. I hope
    to see much discussion on here!

    The comic art is awesome, but not slavish – the cover isn’t
    the top example, but we couldn’t give permission for a
    main page to go out (they’ll run daily on the site from Oct
    28th – an email will go out).

    So – what’s the setting? When and where? What’s the
    story? All will become clear – but feel free to speculate!
    That cover does contain significant clues…

  • > That cover does contain significant clues…

    Judging by the cover (female Holly, original ship, Rimmer’s uniform) it’s gonna be set between V and VI, right? Or at least around V time. Probably the best period to choose.

    > The comic IS a 9-page continuity gap filler

    Is it going to be about how the Dwarf was lost? And why does Kryten now look a bit like the Thing from Fantastic Four? This is a great idea anyway.

  • Keir Shiels on the TOS Board has suggested the gap inbetween II and III for a possible subject matter.

    And, y’know, if you ignore RImmer’s red outfit… he might just be right. I mean, Ellard would already have some Grant Naylor material to work with from ‘Dad’ – it would be the perfect place to start!

  • I, personally, would prefer to see the gap between II and III addressed than the gap between V and VI…but somehow I get the feeling it’ll be neither of these things.

  • Andrew on the WebBoard:

    Okay, THAT was was hoping to keep quiet… :-)

    Yep, the 9-pager is set between Series V and VI (which,
    yeah, you probably guessed anyway), but the events of the
    story obviously converge on the final episode of Series VII,
    Nanarchy. A prelude to it, if you will…

    Being this literal stops my head from hurting.

    Smeg, I hope you all like it!

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