Only two and a bit weeks to go until the VII DVD, folks! Unless you’re Johnny Foreigner, that is. In which case, you’ll be interested in this update US and Aussie covers. As usual, the basic design elements are all there, but in a slightly different order. Apart from the background, that is. That’s always at the back.

But anyway, there’s much more interesting news tucked away in the bottom of the article. First off, the Series VIII release date has been put back to March 27th. Boo! But still, it’ll be worth the wait… the gift set edition will come with a skutter model! Excellent! 1:12 in scale, and fully whizzable. Hopefully we’ll see some test pictures soon…

In other news, Robert Llewellyn’s got a DVD out soon! From the description, it has great potential. And there seems to be an implication that Kryten make-up will be applied. Very intereting. All this information is available on Robert’s site, of course. But nobody ever goes there, because it’s so appallingly-design and useless.

Don’t forget that next Friday sees the launch of Prelude To Nanarchy, a new serial comic strip, which will run daily for nine days. Unless the rumours have changed and I need to do more research…

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