The old ITV Schools clock. Yeah, I thought it was good enough to bring out again.A few bits and bobs we’ve picked up on, then:

LLEWELLYN SIGNING: As reported on Corridor 159, Robert Llewellyn is signing the VII DVD at The Videodrome in Worcester on Sunday November 13th. Intriguingly, “As well as this there will be a host of DVDs and photos available from Mr Llewellyns career”. BAGSY A SIGNED OFF-AIR OF THE RECONSTRUCTED HEART. Incidentally, Rob recently said on his guestbook that he’s going to look into getting a DVD release of that. Interesting. I’ll get round to writing my review of the book at some point.

YOU CAN’T SEE WHAT HE’S DOING WITH HIS POINTY STICK: Remember Channel 27? Well, after lying dormant for months, “No really, it is coming soon this time!” Actually, the in-development stuff looks rather good. And unlike me, he’s actuallly bothered to write his own software for the site…

CORRIE: Which reminds me… we never reported on this, did we? Let’s hope everything works out, anyway.

I’VE NEVER READ… A BOOK: Oh, and thanks to clem, who mentioned in our comments about British Science Fiction Television: A Hitchhiker’s Guide, released on October 30th, 2005, which looks like it will include a bit on Dwarf – no idea how much, though.

AND FINALLY: Our usual desperate plea for reader-written content – if you’ve got anything to contribute to the site, get in touch.

This is Ganymede & Titan, on the day we asked – Christ, isn’t All About George rubbish?

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  • Didn’t watch All About George (Rik Mayall playing it straight? I don’t reckon…) but that Mike Bassett thing is fairly funny. Some of it is pretty predictable though, like them getting in that foreign player on loan from Ajax ’cause he scored loads in the video they saw, but it was actually the crap goalkeeper they were signing, not the striker (yawn-inducing comic ‘mishap’!) Still, it’s alright compared with most crap.

    I wouldn’t wish anything bad on Craig. There’s me thinking that he was just being a lazy arse not turning up on time for Corrie.

  • I’ve quite enjoyed Bassett so far. Like the movie, it’s better than it has any right to be, even though pretty much every joke is extremely obvious and telegraphed a mile off (who didn’t guess that in the first minute of his first game, they’d concede a goal after 10 seconds and the chairman would pop his clogs?)

    Craig has been quite good in Corrie. I know there’s been the stuff about him possibly getting sacked, but I think it’s more speculation than anything. His character, as well as buying half the taxi firm, is just about to move into the Street. And on the whole, he’s worked quite well. If it’s possible, he plays the part even closer to his own personality than he does Lister (the man’s not the most versatile actor ever). But he’s got a likable charm, and the character’s pretty well-written. I can see him sticking around for a while, if he doesn’t get sacked for not turning up.

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