There’s an episode of The Strangerers called “The Streets Of Laredo”.

Nice one, Rob.

(for the record, I think the series is quite good; after the first couple of episodes, it’s never particularly funny, but it is quite watchable. And at least it’s better than Dark Ages. I think Sky made the mistake of billing it as an out-and-out sitcom, when it’s not really that at all – the tone is more akin to one of Rob’s novels, rather than to Red Dwarf)

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  • Oh, yes, I’m sure it’s a deliberate reference. It just seems wildly incongruous – all the other episode titles are taken from dialogue (usually spoken by the cadets) in the episode, whereas this one stands out as something that has no relevance whatsoever to the episode. And, as the only occurrence of any kind of RD reference, it makes it stick out even more.

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