RIMMER: You’ve got a scar? When did you get that?
LISTER: Those complimentary pens that the hospital guys were giving out – you know “most accidents happen in the home, so be careful” ones? I accidentally stabbed myself in the head with one.
RIMMER: Where were you?
LISTER: I wasn’t at home, so I didn’t feel stupid or anything.

I like this a lot.

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  • It’s Only the Good, isn’t it? I seem to remember there being an extremely large amount of extraneous information before the plot finally kicked in.

  • That’s probably why I don’t remember it; I didn’t see the episode all the way through on original broadcast, and never got it on tape. To this day, I think I’ve only ever seen it once.

  • Yeah, Only The Good is a weird one. You’re halfway through the episode before things actually start to happen.

    It’s one of the better VIII eps, though. Everything feels like its coming together for a bit – everything seems a lot more… *fun*, in some way. Pity the last five minutes fucks everything up.

  • If the start of series IX had been good and wrapped everything up brilliantly, this could (COULD) have turned into an OK two-parter. Sadly, we’ll never know. Even if there was another series or special, there’s just no way it could follow straight on from VIII (from one scene to another the cast age ten years…). There’d have to be a bullshit explanation from Lister in the opening scene telling us in three sentences how things got back to a status quo (and how Krissie had that unfortunate accident…mwahaha).

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