Oooh, I didn’t know this was out! (Early 80s BBC sketch show starring Lenny Henry. Tracey Ullman, and David Copperfield, for those of you TOO BUSY WATCHING HOLLYOAKS, or something.) Well, Series 1 is out now, Series 2 is coming out on the 9th January, with presumably the third and last series coming out at some point as well. Excellent.For those of you who don’t know the Dwarf connection, the Comedy Police themselves Rob and Doug wrote sketches for the show. If only we knew which ones… although that would take away hours of fun guessing, wouldn’t it?

A quick worrying note about Lenny Henry – he used to be on The Black and White Minstrel Show when he was starting his career. A clip of this was broadcast recently, and it featured some singers doing I’m Dreaming Of A White Christmas, before Lenny pops up with “You got no chance!” I found this VERY VERY FUNNY, despite being hugely racist, mainly from the way it was delivered. Help me.

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