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Last night I dreamt that, during what I assume was Dimension Jump, three people from the Observation Dome (two of whom I’ve never properly spoken to), plus several other large people, kidnapped me and forced me in to helping them rob an art gallery. The star piece was a video art job by Gary Lineker. I kid you not.

I’m not sure if the robbery was sucessful – it took place in the attic of the art gallery and several pieces were dropped several floors on to the workers below. Gary Lineker was there, giving an interview about his work. I managed to escape though and the next thing I knew, I was back in the hotel for a job interview on the first floor. It was going rather badly but after a while we took a break. I went downstairs to have a rest, then decided to take the lift back up to my interview. Unfortunately, it decided to stop at every single floor except the one I wanted. Eventually I got out of the lift, ran up the stairs and found that I was so late that one of the interviewers had given up and left. I’m pretty sure I didn’t get the job.

The dream ended with me locking myself in my hotel room to make sure those evil Observation Dome people couldn’t get to me. Scary stuff.

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