Just a quick note that a mostly-spoiler-free Incompetence review by Tanya Jones is now available for your perusal. Erm, I really should get round to reading it. Why not use this news story to have a big argument about WHO IS BETTER, Rob or Doug? Or have people just grown up recently?

In Rob Grant related news, Fat is still on course for a September 21st 2006 release – but sadly, I can’t find anything more about Cruel Aliens. I bet he’s just sitting at home on his plump behind. Wanking off to Series VI.

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  1. Wow! Only 2 years after it was released!

  2. Well, I managed to review The End 15 years after it was first broadcast, and nobody complained…

  3. (But if you’re talking about the spoilers stuff, I reckon that (unlike Dwarf eps) lots of people here still won’t have read Incompetence, bearing in mind that I haven’t got round to reading it yet, so a reassurance that it doesn’t give away the ending would be a good idea.)

  4. Yeah, I wasn’t blown away by this. The writing is as solid as ever, but the plot was a bit thin. It was a nice idea, it just didn’t go anywhere interesting.

  5. > Wow! Only 2 years after it was released!

    We did have a review up a few months *before* it was released…

  6. I really liked Incompetence. Much, much better than Colony, anyway. It arguably felt a bit too much like a Dirk Gently book at times, but it was still great.

  7. >enjoy the waiter with the perma-erection.

    You don’t need to tell me twice.

  8. Rob Grant was the best one, obviously, because Dwarf went to shit when he left. And Hitchhikers it better than Dwarf anyway.

  9. I actually received Incompetence as a present for my 25th Birthday in January 2004. :)

    I still haven’t read it. :(

  10. >enjoy the waiter with the perma-erection

    Sorry, I don’t understand. Does the *waiter* have the perma-erection, or is this just a general piece of advice?

  11. I thought this book was great, if a little odd! Well worth reading, and a quite unique storyline too

  12. I thought it was a great book :)

  13. >Does the *waiter* have the perma-erection, or is this just a general piece of advice?

    I have no problem taking it both ways.

  14. I realize now I should have signed the above “Herr Lipp.”

    Ah well.

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