Ellie Crisell, looking, erm, 'gorgeous'.Two TOS updates today – and news that, as well as being available at Memorabilia this weekend (where, sadly, Mac McDonald has had to cancel), you can also buy the Flibble puppet and Headknockers over at Spytech’s T2 website. And, also over at, erm, the normal Spytech website. Don’t ask. Reviews shortly…

The other update is Andrew’s VII Down Time article. Which I actually found it more entertaining than the series. YES THAT WASN’T PREDICTABLE JOHN WELL DONE.

Just a quick note that G&T (and, indeed, OD) will be changing servers this weekend – so don’t be worried if we disappear for a while. Just go to your room and try and control yourself until we return. Warm tea will help.

Oh, and having finally got round to buying the DVD… isn’t Firefly fantastic? Always on the pulse, me.

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