John’s Newsround – 26/11/05

Ellie Crisell, looking, erm, 'gorgeous'.Two TOS updates today – and news that, as well as being available at Memorabilia this weekend (where, sadly, Mac McDonald has had to cancel), you can also buy the Flibble puppet and Headknockers over at Spytech’s T2 website. And, also over at, erm, the normal Spytech website. Don’t ask. Reviews shortly…

The other update is Andrew’s VII Down Time article. Which I actually found it more entertaining than the series. YES THAT WASN’T PREDICTABLE JOHN WELL DONE.

Just a quick note that G&T (and, indeed, OD) will be changing servers this weekend – so don’t be worried if we disappear for a while. Just go to your room and try and control yourself until we return. Warm tea will help.

Oh, and having finally got round to buying the DVD… isn’t Firefly fantastic? Always on the pulse, me.

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  1. Firefly is bloody brilliant but I’m more of an Angel fan :oP

  2. I think Firefly is bloody brilliant but I’m more of an “Angel” fan :oP

  3. oops sorry I didn’t see my first post and I assumed it never posted lol

  4. Tyne Tees! The best region in the country, clearly.

  5. More. Cast. Commentary. Corrections. Sucka.

  6. Red Dwarf Movie ‘News’:

    Someone over at a message board was apparently talking to Chris Barrie at Memorabilia, they say:

    “I asked what was happening with the film – as you probably know they have a script, have had read-throughs and have even had costume fittings. Filming has never started so I asked the question and he answered:

    “If you’d asked me last week, the answer would have been no. But something has happened in the last few days that means it’s going to happen”

    “What – like someone’s come up with the funding?”


    Don’t shoot the messanger etc”

  7. The same bloke also says earlier on that Chris plays Lister. And you should never trust a Wolves fan.

  8. Ellie Crisell looking waxy and botoxed, you mean.

  9. Yeah, she looked a damn sight better on Newsround. *Sigh*

  10. She’s jumped the shark, clearly.

  11. That picture is from about 5 years ago.

  12. You mean she’s… reverse aged? ‘Cos that’s what it looks like…

  13. Yeah, she looked mid/late twenties on Newsround. She looks about 40 there.

    Maybe it’s the work of the Time Wand. Y’know; that contrived, pointless gizmo that causes lots of ‘hilarious consequences’.

  14. Well, Channel 5 are no match – they killed Newsround, and destroyed everything on the set – including the Time Drive, which meant there was no Time Drive for them to have in the future, to bring back into the past, to destroy the future of their past selves in the present. Put simply: by killing us they killed themselves, because once we were dead it was impossible for us to become them in the future, and return in time to kill ourselves in the past, even though it was the present.

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