You may be interested to know that “Must See TV”, on Thursday at 10pm on ITV1, is about Spitting Image.

Apparently it’s a bit like Comedy Connections.

It’s rare I use the words “Must See TV” and “ITV1” in the same sentence, but this could be rather good.

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  • The Kenny Everett one was really good. No in-depth stuff (but what do you expect in half an hour on ITV1 these days?), but loads of great clips, great presenting (that tune by Julian Clary – I doubt Bhaskar will be as amusing, though), and relevant talking heads.

    If only Rob or Doug would pop up, but I doubt it.

  • I bet you’re right. The announcer said it would be broadcast next week. Unless she snuffs it, of course.

    The Tommy Cooper programme was great… apart from when Trevor McDonald told us something along the lines of ‘thanks to the ITV archive, his legacy will live on’. Yes, because you can’t *move* for Tommy Cooper repeats on ITV, can you?

  • I know it sounds macabre… and that because it is. But I would be interested in seeing it. Not sure I could actually go through with it though.

    There was a programme on Tommy Cooper on a few years ago which showed the last few moments before his collapse – but not the collapse itself. Not surprisingly, from people I’ve talked to, that footage still exists, but is locked away in the highest security archive.

  • Sanjeev Bhaskar can fuck *right* off, though. Yes, a puppet of Jade Goody would be HILARIOUS, wouldn’t it?

    Not even a mention of Rob and Doug, either. Basically, the whole thing did no more than Comedy Connections managed a few months back, apart from a piss poor re-appearance of the Queen puppet.

  • I quite enjoyed it, for what it was – a half hour episode. It really deserves a 6-part retrospective. There’s 10 years to cover!

    Some really nice touches – using the same SI into-break music for one. And some very good interviews. And wonderful to see that it was Chris Barrie who did the famous Queen Mother announcement.

    I found Bhaskar acceptable – not great, like Clary was for Kenny Everett, but not hugely annoying, either.

    When will people learn that you can’t wear tweed on telly, though? (What the Queen was wearing in the new stuff.) PAL artefacting all over the shop. I find it bizarre that I know this, and yet time and time again you see productions using it, with appalling results.

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