Advertey goodness

You can’t move for Dwarf actors on adverts at the moment, it seems. After Lovett and John Jules’ exploits, comes another spotting, that of Mac McDonald in one of those “THINK!” adverts. It’s quite an unpleasant one, actually – it plays out like a movie trailer, with this guy acting like a secret agent – Mac plays his angry boss shouting at him – until suddenly he steps out on the street and gets crunched by a car, much like that bit in Final Destination. The tag line being something like “Don’t die before you’ve had a chance to live”. How nice.

Anyway, yes. Always nice to see Mac’s ever-increasingly-difficult attempts to fit behind a desk…

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  1. It’s been showing in cinemas for a while.

  2. It has?

  3. Yeah, that’s atleast six months old.

  4. Well why did no-one post about it before, then? :-p

    Strange, as although my trips to the cinema are hardly the most frequent, they do tend to be spread quite evenly through the year, so I’m sure I’d have spotted it if it were that widespread. And I’m VERY surprised that Kirk wouldn’t have spotted it…

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