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  1. John, you’ll upset the children!

  2. Oh, that was an AUSTRALIAN accent! :-)

  3. Eh? I thought he was from Manchester ;)

  4. Enjoying the DVD very muchly.

    By the way, that was the worst Australian accent imitation I’ve ever heard. Well, second-worst: it’s just after that one-legged woman in the flashback on “Lost”.

  5. Did anyone ever consider that it was *meant* to be bad, hmm?

    I mean, nowhere did we actually say that the guy calling the office was actually an Aussie…

  6. “Just as all seemed lost, the office recieved a call from an Australian investor.”

    Have you seen the film, Seb?

  7. Yes, but he’s not an investor, either, is he? The narration just says what GNP *think* is happening. And if it said “The office received a call from some lunatic with a bad Australian accent, pretending to be an investor”, it would kind of ruin the gag :-p

  8. But he *did* have a hat with corks dangling off it.

  9. Also, he’s an Australian with Lancashire ancestry. He’s bound to have a spazzy accent.

    Also, he’s played by me and I could be out acted by a Victoria Sponge.

  10. I really am quite sorely tempted to create an IMDb entry for “Victoria Sponge” now…

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