Work tomorrow. Need to get up at 6:30. Not gone to bed yet. In a rush, then.

VII QUIZ: Ah, so, now VII has been released, the dust settled, and people have hopefully watched it, we get the usual TOS Quiz. And my score? Just let me go and do it…


FFS. That is poor. And to think Andrew does these from memory. Shall I do my “naturally, I will commit suicide immediately” quote again?

VII REVIEWS: A lot of thoroughly-deserved backslapping, there. And when I see G&T mentioned on TOS, I get a funny feeling in my willy, mummy.

THE PENALTY KING: New movie! With Clare Grogan! Reported by Channel 27! More here!

MERCHANDISE: Play are now stocking the new range of merchandise – Flibble, and the headknockers. I really will try and finish my calendar review tonight, honest…

Oh, and don’t forget to visit Sci-Fi Online for your annual sneer at their Christmas decorations, will you?

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