John’s Roundup – 19/12/05

Work tomorrow. Need to get up at 6:30. Not gone to bed yet. In a rush, then.

VII QUIZ: Ah, so, now VII has been released, the dust settled, and people have hopefully watched it, we get the usual TOS Quiz. And my score? Just let me go and do it…


FFS. That is poor. And to think Andrew does these from memory. Shall I do my “naturally, I will commit suicide immediately” quote again?

VII REVIEWS: A lot of thoroughly-deserved backslapping, there. And when I see G&T mentioned on TOS, I get a funny feeling in my willy, mummy.

THE PENALTY KING: New movie! With Clare Grogan! Reported by Channel 27! More here!

MERCHANDISE: Play are now stocking the new range of merchandise – Flibble, and the headknockers. I really will try and finish my calendar review tonight, honest…

Oh, and don’t forget to visit Sci-Fi Online for your annual sneer at their Christmas decorations, will you?

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  1. Fucking hell, it’s bad enough having to read what they write on there without that ABOMINATION going on in the background.

  2. 19/20!!! That bastard Bennett sister question screwed me. Just how or why would anyone know that or want to know that?? There’s a couple of funny things there, like ‘which writer didn’t work on VII’ and Rob’s there. And WETA Digital are one of the answers for who was called in to do last-minute CG shots!

  3. I got 16/20…but it’s not yet been released in region one so I feel the need to gloat anyway.

  4. 20/20. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

  5. 15/20. I don’t know whether to live or die.

  6. I was waiting for that.

  7. >Flibble

    ! It had to be the week before Christmas, didn’t it?

  8. The Bennett Sister question was easy. Nicky Leatherbarrow was Caroline Carmen.


  9. > The Bennett Sister question was easy. Nicky Leatherbarrow was Caroline Carmen

    Yes. That’s just something I didn’t know off-hand for some reason. I’m the first to admit that I’m not totally up on guest cast names.

  10. 16/20

  11. “Molecule mind” is a rubbish insult.

  12. 16/20.

  13. “Molecule mind” is a rubbish insult.

  14. NOIK! Andrew Ellard this is YOUR FAULT:

    “Failed to connect to ServletExec.
    Group = default
    Address =
    The error number is 10061″



  15. The skutter toy is now viewable on TOS. And the only way to get it is with the special VIII gift set.

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