Red Dwarf – Series 7: DVD.

Read the editorial review closely. Specifically the paragraph that talks about the extra features. Specifically the sentence that goes like this:

“Supplemental features have always been one of the main attractions to the Red Dwarf DVD sets, and Series 7 doesn’t disappoint: included are commentary by the cast (including Norman Lovett, the original Kryten) on “Nanarchy”.”

First of all, is that really a standout feature, the fact that Norman Lovett is included in the commentary on Nanarchy? It’s the first extra he mentions! And his mistaken confusion between David Ross and Norman Lovett is just too ridiculous for words. Oh, and he also misspells Kochanski’s first name in the review. This isn’t a customer review; it’s the EDITORIAL REVIEW. DO SOME RESEARCH.

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  • I liked the start, though. ‘Emotional rollercoaster’. Not bad.

    Calling a 90-minute docco a ‘featurette’, though. Can I ask – what do people think ‘featurette’ means? Not ‘what does it ACTUALLY mean?’, but what is it taken to be?

    Cos I tend to think ‘under 30 minutes’ – the ‘ette’ suggesting smaller than a ‘feature’. (Rather than ‘subservient TO the main feature’.) Feels like underselling something bigger.

    (Yes, Laurent Bouzereau, I’m, talking to you – Mr ‘Why Have One Large Documentary When You Can Cut It Into Twenty Small Ones’. Turns feature-length doccos into what I would call featurettes.)


  • Also, the plot synopsis is only accurate to series III-V, which I suppose is handy for a release of VII.

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